02B8C: The Last Fiber Mile(stone)

Wednesday 3-Mushroom Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 900

So our migration to fiber internet was completed today. The PLDT guy called right before lunch to let us know that they'd be activating the new fiber connection, which in turn would kill our DSL connection. This had some impact on our work, but we figured that we might as well yank the Band-Aid off and get the switchover started so that we wouldn't have to think about it throughout the day. The rep said it would take about 30 minutes and it took us closer to an hour (partly because I didn't read where LAN port 1 and Phone port 1 on the new router were). 

At first, I was kind of panicking that our Google WiFi unit wasn't playing nice with the new fiber internet router as I was using that as a measure of whether or not the new fiber connection was working. But once I switched all the cables around for proper priority and maybe some additional toggling on the PLDT side and Tobie exclaimed that he was connected on his laptop. And after testing a direct connection to the PLDT router, I switched my phone back to the Google WiFi router and was very happy with the results.

So we've gone from an average speed of like 15Mbps to over 200Mbps...and for about the same monthly fee as what we've been paying all this time. CRAZY. The changes to our overall internet experience have been subtle like YouTube videos looking a lot clearer and no streaming/buffering issues with our video calls after the migration was completed. 

I'm a happy camper and I hope this means that even our online games will run into fewer issues. I used to think that most of my problems were solely related to having too many web apps running, which in turn taxed my laptop's processor. But today's experience makes me think that part of what was taxing my computer was less than ideal internet to run all my work apps at the same time throughout the day. I'm sure I could still benefit from a more powerful computer (this was an emergency pandemic purchase laptop), it feels like the internet speed boost is going to help, too.

This was easier to write about than today's episode of Drag Race Philippines. I'll get around to that sooner or later.