02B7A: Blending Social Circles Some More

Saturday Gaming

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 882

We still largely operate with largely discrete social circles for one reason or another. There are some overlaps like people who join us for both board game nights and O Bar nights or gaming friends that we often run into at live theater showings, but for the most part, we tend to meet up with everyone under different circumstances. So it's nice when we get to blur the lines a bit more when people from one interest group cross over into another.

Last night, we finally had an overdue game night with a friend we normally only hang out with at O Bar. It was also one of our rare in-person gaming meet-ups, especially with COVID-19 cases on the rise again. So more isolated and intimate meet-ups have been more our speed throughout the pandemic, but even those have been few and far between. Our RPG sessions have remained 100% online even until now but board games require actual players to actually sit around a table together. 

We had a lot of fun last night and we're going to schedule more sessions in the future for sure. We couldn't explore having our core O Bar group meet up for games more, if everyone would be inclined for that sort of thing. The people we tend to spend our O Bar nights with have admittedly become some of our closest friends across the span of the pandemic and our "ongoing" quarantine situation. So why not celebrate our love of board games with the same people as well versus gambling on other people here and there?

Beyond that, Tobie has been very chill. I got a foot spa and Tobie has been playing his computer game. We watched Prey today and enjoyed it quite a lot. We're still watching Mr. Queen and we'll eventually finish both The Umbrella Academy and Locke & Key in the coming days. 

But for now, we have to get ready as we have a big O Bar event to get to and it's going to be crazy even without the rainy weather.