02B5E: Unbirthday Thinking

It's Not Flip's Birthday

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 854

So we weren't at O Bar last night because of Flip's birthday. Yesterday wasn't Flip's birthday after all. Today isn't Flip's birthday either. But our little group of friends did meet up at O Bar last night and we all happened to be wearing pink shirts because Flip said he'd be wearing a pink shirt and we don't own sufficient video game-related hoodies. 

It was a good night, although I do wish we had a bit more friends with us to help further distribute/divide the alcohol. We went through the better part of two bottles of vodka together, which can be quite a LOT for just 5 people at a table. And last night was rather bonkers with things like friends sharing shellfish with us at the bar - who has oysters and mussels at O Bar? Crazy fun indeed.

The pandemic has really reframed our O Bar experience, I feel. Instead of trying to get as many friends to join us as possible, now we focus on tighter groups based on the capacity of the table and not going further beyond that. It's still nice to see other friends there, but we don't necessarily take the responsibility for getting them to go to O Bar anymore. 

It's going to be my birthday next month (which I mention even if Flip's birthday isn't this week), and that'll mean some sort of an O Bar celebration. In recent years, we've gone as far as inviting practically my entire team at the office, and other friends to be there. But now, pandemic me just feels like I'll be happy as long as our regular circle of friends is there at the table with us. Bumping into anyone else familiar will be just a bonus. 

And maybe that's more because it's still hard to wrap my head around gathering a much larger group of people for any sort of event. Or there's the challenge of coaxing people to risk their health and safety for any sort of birthday gathering as many still aren't comfortable with going out, especially to places like O Bar. And I don't want to drag people out in that manner.

The pandemic has really changed a lot of things in everyone's lives. And for me, it has definitely changed the way we consider our friendships and such. and certainly, life is too short for us not to make the most of our time with our friends. But it's also too short for us to spread ourselves too thin, socially. Or just in general. There's a lot of life to live and we all need to spend that time wisely somehow.