02B78: Comic Book Progression

Thursday Sinigang

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 880

The National Day holiday has helped me somewhat kickstart my reading again. I'm about a month behind in terms of my one-book-a-day goal, so I'm filling up the gaps with digital comic books. It's fortunate that I'm finally able to catch up with the Reign of X compilations because I'm kind of dying to see what the fuss about the Hellfire Gala is all about. Not sure if I'm going to get that far, but given I had already experienced some of its indirect effects in Guardians of the Galaxy, I'd like to get more context now, thank you very much.

Tiamat's Wrath is surely awesome and I'm trying to pace myself. But at the rate things are moving, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to finish it sooner rather than later. That's not a problem in itself - just the acknowledgment that I don't have much Expanse-related reading material left to read given the books have formally come to an end. 

Lots of ads work this week and I need a few more campaigns set up before bed. Ads just need a lot of work in the beginning, but once they're running it's not quite as bad as it's more optimizing and tweaking to get the most of them. So I won't make this post too long so that I can settle things shortly.

Kind of struggling through the last season of The Umbrella Academy. I know the show is not the comic book series and things have really come a long way from where the comics originally went. And the pacing feels a bit odd or maybe there's something about the story of this season that just isn't clicking for me. We've started on the last season of Locke & Key on Netflix as well and this is proving to be a bit easier to absorb even if this show has also deviated greatly from its comic book source material

Anyway, back to my ads. Good night, folks.