02B76: Holiday Activities

Tuesday Keto Angus Burger

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 878

Today is Singapore's National Day and we didn't have work, as I had mentioned yesterday.

I stayed up late processing the photos and videos from our prior O Bar night. I wasn't able to squeeze last week's O Bar stuff, but I'll just try to squeeze all that into this week. And since Tobie needed to sleep early while I worked on my media processing, I was able to get through two more uncut episodes of Ty and That Guy, which are an amazing reason to support their Patreon but each expanded podcast episode is the length of a movie, really. 

And so I ended up staying up long enough to wake up Tobie for his early morning work trip. Funny how that worked out.

I still woke up before 09:00am to boost a National Day post. I lazed about in bed a bit but eventually, I needed to get moving as my step reminders start at 10:00am. That helped me get a fair amount of reading done as I finished a good 4 comic book trade paperbacks (digitally) and really sped through a lot of Tiamat's Wrath. Gods, The Expanse books are all SUPER good and it's hard to pace myself because each chapter pushes me to move forward to the next one. 

Apart from making time for yoga, I cooked a weird keto-compliant cabbage-shirataki tuna pasta thing and watched a weird set of media including Cobalt Blue (lofty, but didn't stick the landing) and The Big Short (powerful star-studded depiction of the 2007 financial crisis). And then I invested the rest of my free time into unboxing a bunch of Transformers to free up some storage space.

Tobie arrived home while I was still in the middle of my lunch, which felt earlier than I had anticipated. No complaints though - I suspect the sunny weather helped minimize his travel complications, for which I'm thankful. But he was pretty tired after getting home, so we ended up ordering out for dinner. And the internet cooperated with us long enough to play another episode of Mr. Queen as our dinnertime entertainment.

Now let's see if I can get in a bit more reading or some O Bar media processing before the night is over.