02B75: Holiday Sandwich

Monday Leftovers

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 877

This was a very busy Monday, as Mondays tend to be. Lots of meetings. Lots of reports discussions. And what would my life be without some new ads to run as well? But this is what happens when Monday is also a big e-commerce day while tomorrow is going to be a holiday in Singapore. So everyone tried to queue to cram in as much work today as we'll all be off tomorrow. Good times.

I might actually get a bit more work done tomorrow because Tobie will be out all day for a work thing. So I'm actually going to be home alone, which doesn't sound all that exciting for a holiday. I could also work on my Transformers and such, or maybe just get a lot more reading in. 

I originally wanted to get a foot spa, but the place I've been going to was scheduled to have their regular maintenance day for tomorrow, which is a bummer. I've scheduled a session on Saturday at least, but we'll see how that'll play out given how busy the coming weekend is projected to be.  But it's going to be a good kind of busy given the stuff we have lined up.

Tobie is going to bed already and I'm going to process O Bar videos for a while and then may read some more. Have a good evening.