02B71: Some Drag Race Philippines Reflections

Thursday Pork Sinigang

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 873

Lots of different things at work today. More to do tomorrow. Fun for the whole family.

The first full promo trailer for Drag Race Philippines went live this morning and it's yet another step in the larger process of this show becoming even more of a reality. I'm super happy for the girls, especially the O Bar queens we've supported over the years. I just hope the show goes well for the right reasons. 

I'm also rather worried that a lot of people are going to be more focused on hoping to see drama and controversy of some sort on the show. I've never been comfortable with this aspect of the fandom even for the original show and I know it's going to feel weirder when it comes to the queens we're actually friends with. 

But at the end of the day, it's only a TV show and what we're going to see on TV won't be a 100% accurate depiction of the people we know and love. The show is a form of entertainment and won't be a fully accurate depiction of who every contestant really is as a person. It'll be subject to editing and contrived storylines and all that TV magic.

For now, I'm still looking forward to the show and the opportunity for the world to see our local drag talent. There will be good things and bad things, so I'm going to try to focus my energies on supporting the girls and the tremendous opportunity this represents for all of them. First seasons are inevitably a little rough around the edges, but I hope this will open the door to more seasons and more opportunities for the world to experience Philippine drag artistry.