02B6C: Joyously Happy Even If Tired

Saturday O Bar Crew

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 868

Well, we survived somehow. And this weekend just keeps getting better and better.

The event went well and the after-party was crazy fun. My heart felt overwhelmingly full after observing everyone get to interact with one another after so much time apart or at least just limited to online interactions. In my opening remarks, I mentioned that our company is all about our people and that really rings true to me. They define our success and I hope we figure out ways to get them to spend more time together while still keeping everyone safe.

Initially, it looked like it was just going to be me, Tobie, Niki, Flip, and another friend who would be with us at O Bar for the night. But one thing led to another and a dozen officemates followed us to O and we ended up being a VERY large group mostly consisting of first-timers. And while the bulk of them had to leave after the first set, most of the Singapore contingent managed to stay long enough to finish the show. It feels like folks really enjoyed their first taste of the O Bar experience.

Despite only getting to lie down by about 06:30am, we managed to get up by noon in time for a family lunch at 01:00pm. It was nice to have the whole family together - including Tobie. Our core family unit has grown with the two nephews and we managed to get a little private room all to ourselves in order to accommodate the whole crew. We'll try to meet up for lunch again tomorrow, although it'll be a tight squeeze no matter where we end up.

Tonight's game night shifted online given the moderate but rather steady uptick in COVID-19 cases. We're still going to have fun, but it's not quite the same as meeting up in person. Plus the games that we can play online only represent a fraction of what we're able to play in person given our physical collection.