02B6A: Meeting Again for the First Time

Thursday Keto Pizza

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 866

Our Singapore is in town this weekend for our first company summit since the pandemic. After two years of Google Meet events and other virtual activities, we've finally arranged things so that we can all be together in one place, even if only for a day. 

All of these in-person meetings are kind of surreal on some level because we've all been interacting via video conferencing for the longest time. There are many employees that we've never met in person with our main touchpoints being conversations on Gather Town or packages sent via Grab or whatever. During the dinner tonight we were joined by some of the local team and naturally, that led to classic pandemic statements related to how tall or short people turn out to be in person and all that fun stuff.

The actual event is tomorrow and I got a little nervous about all of us going through antigen tests before getting things started. My nerves reached the point that I dug up one of our self-test kits just to run a check before I take another test tomorrow. Largely a little silly, but it's not easy to shake off that kind of pandemic anxiety that gets triggered at random times. 

Tonight's test came up negative - although it's still one of those gray market tests we acquired before the FDA finally caught up and started approving self-test ART kits for personal use. Things should go well enough tomorrow, but I do feel a wee bit better after at least trying a test as a sort of rehearsal. 

But wow, the rain tonight was kinda crazy. I got caught in it while walking home from dinner and I still got pretty wet despite the full-size umbrella I had with me. I hope the weather isn't so intense tomorrow - whether sunny or rainy.