02B69: Holiday Activities

Monday Adobo

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 849

I was lucky enough to have the day off today since it's a(n observed) public holiday in Singapore today. But since I was the only one with a holiday, that somewhat limited what I could do as leisure activities without Tobie. 

I still woke up with the morning alarms, but Tobie sent me back to bed because he's a sweetie that way. I didn't sleep in all that much though and still got up past 9am since I still wanted to work out. I also had a Facebook post to boost, so I waited to get that settled before trying a yoga flow I hadn't done before and just managed to get to the end before my legs gave way entirely. The 45-minute flow was just the right length since I had set a foot spa appointment for myself as my main holiday activity.

I wasn't late for my appointment at The Secret Lounge, which is the salon/spa that I've been frequenting throughout the pandemic. Before I'd get my foot spas and pedicures whenever we'd get haircuts at Bruno's. But the pandemic got us to shift to cutting our own hair, so we stopped going to Bruno's and I lost my usual pedicure venue. I've been going pretty regularly to this salon ever since restrictions were relaxed enough for it but it's only today that I finally signed up for a membership that grants a 10-20% discount on services. I finally did the math and I should get at least double the value as ROI. 

For full irony, I then walked a longer route home in order to get in more steps. I recognize that my extensive walking and chasing after my daily step goals are probably some of the biggest contributors to the calluses on my feet that make me get foot spas in the first place. But hey, it's a vicious cycle I've come to fully embrace. Then I got home just in time to prepare lunch while Tobie continued working.

Beyond lunch, I got some reading in and unboxed a few Transformers. I would have gotten more done had my first Transformer not been one that included a sticker sheet of tricky-to-apply stickers. Then it was time to head over to the grocery since Tobie was already done with work and things progressed from there. 

Dinner was yet another Guilt Free order of keto-friendly chicken wraps while we watched Happiness, which is our current K-drama. I was hoping to work on my O Bar photos and videos as well, but time has a nasty habit of slipping away so quickly. Such is life.

Back to work tomorrow. Another cycle begins anew.