02B63: Tuesday Time Accounting

Tuesday Sinigang

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 843

This morning I managed to go through both a resistance band workout and some yoga. This sort of deal  - something heavy followed by yoga - is pretty much my ideal workout scenario. It requires just over an hour to get through both workouts, which can be tricky depending on how much time I have in the morning before I have to jump onto a conference call or something. 

I've been feeling like my progress has slowed since over 80kg again and I know I've been doing less strenuous workouts. I've been shaking things up and trying different types of exercises, but this also results in more incidents of significant pain and soreness. So I can push hard for a day or two and then I find myself retreating to recovery work for a few days. In terms of motivation (or whatever we want to call it), I certainly have the drive to keep pushing myself as hard as I can. On the flip side, I've also injured myself enough times to feel the need for greater caution when I feel myself getting dangerously close to my threshold for pain as a warning of injury. And injury feels like a more frequent occurrence before earlier years. I really am getting older, I suppose.

Work remains happily busy, but there are little things that have helped me save time here and there. Still more quasi-automation work ahead, but I enjoy the challenge. Investing time in this sort of stuff now will save me time in the longer term. But what I really need is to find another person or two to help me with the other day-to-day stuff. Unfortunately, hiring feels particularly difficult these days. There's a lot of talk of The Great Resignation wave around the world, but I'm not exactly feeling all these people who have quit their jobs applying for our open positions just yet. Then again, this role is a little niche or at least requires some specialized skills and I'm not seeing a lot of applicants who even meet the minimum requirements. Such fun.

We're spending the rest of tonight finishing Sets C & D of this year's Virgin Labfest. As usual, it's quite a mixed bag of stories but we have some early favorites for different reasons. But I'm still glad that we had a chance to watch all 12 plays despite the pandemic and all this craziness. I've missed the theater - now I just need a safe return to live theater to really make a difference. But this will do for now.

Back to K-dramas by tomorrow.