02B5A: A Colorful Pride Weekend

LGBT Pride Weekend 2022

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 834

Last night's O Bar Pride Party was a LOT of fun. The show was even more amazing than usual given the amazing guest talent invited for the night. We had live singing from the likes of lesbian mainstays Ackie and Meech, the singing trio known as The Idolls, and the legendary Bituin Escalante. And they didn't just perform like one song each - they had multiple performances during the night and it was kind of mind-blowing to have the likes of Bituin seemingly singing directly into my phone camera as I recorded her performance. And then there were other guests like ballet dancer Richardson Yadao, Kaladkaren as the host for the evening, and special awards given to Queenmelo Esguerra and Andrew De Real (the man behind the legendary The Library).

We had an interesting mix of friends at the table for the weekend. I had mentioned previously that a lot of friends weren't available for this particular night, but we still managed to find good friends to spend our time with. I wish there were more familiar faces in the crowd, of course, but that in itself wasn't a barrier to us having a good time.

We went home feeling pretty happy and at least not totally smashed. And this was particularly surprising since we had gone out both Friday and Saturday night. But hey, that just meant being able to remember more of the weekend and all the fun little stories that make up any night at O Bar. 

And while Monday and the new workweek are just around the corner, I'm going to bed feeling pretty happy and fulfilled with the good time we spent with friends. I have more thoughts on this and the people we hold near and dear to us, but I think they need to percolate a bit more. 

Light and love, everyone. Happy LGBT Pride.