02B41: Colorful Month Ahead

Wednesday Salmon

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 809

So I initiated the domain transfer for Baduy Pride last night. The blog remains accessible, but the actual transfer won't be completed until like Sunday - randomly at 05:14pm. Actually, that's just my deadline for when I can still back out of the transfer, and then the final transfer may take up until the 7th or something. Fingers crossed and all that.

Today was still pretty busy at work, but not quite as crazily so. I still had a lot to do and there were a number of work fires that totally stressed me out. But I got through the day okay and I'm not quite stressing out now, so that's good. There are still a lot of other things I'll need to worry about tomorrow, but at least today has been settled. 

It's June, so it's Pride month, and I never quite know what that's going to mean. Sure, we're scheduled to be at O Bar at the end of the month to celebrate our queerness with our O Bar friends. But in terms of all the other activities, I don't think we're early making plans to go anywhere. And I'm not quite sure how they're going to organize any of the bigger events as that may still trigger fears of creating some sort of a super spreader event or something. But we've missed out on Pride for two years now, so something has got to give.

Plus it seems there are going to be at least two major Pride events in Metro Manila this year. There's the traditional Metro Manila Pride March and Festival - although it's not quite clear where their venue is going to be. And there's the surprise Pride Festival event announced in QC - more Pride activities are always going to be a good thing after all. 

For now, I want to squeeze in some Star Trek Online time, mainly because I was too stressed out to play yesterday.