02B40: Digital Migration Plans

Tuesday Pasta

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 808

It's a pretty busy week at work for many different reasons and I'm inevitably needing to wear many different hats in order to keep. Of course, I'm not alone in dealing with all this and we're all doing our best to pull things together. I suppose it's a pretty good way to kick off the month of June. 

At midnight, I'm finally going to migrate the Baduy Pride domain from my old "Google Apps" domain via a reseller arrangement with Enom over to Google Domains. This will cost me a bit more money, but I'd like to think it''ll give me more peace of mind versus the craziness of the Enom downtime earlier this year. It means I'm going to give up our domain email addresses for Baduy Pride, which is a bit of a shame, but it's not like we use it for anything. And since I had gotten scared about losing the domain service when they first announced the end of the Google Workspace Legacy editions, so I updated all my accounts to stop using my blog-specific domain emails. 

And yes, I know that they've now codified the G Suite legacy free edition for personal/individual/non-commercial use, which means I could theoretically stay with the current arrangement. But I really want to get away from Enom and I figure having a Google-managed domain for my Blogger blog would make a LOT more sense. 

It's still a little scary because I've never done this before. All of my domains were purchased directly within Blogger and it just happened to link to Google Apps because Google Domains wasn't a thing yet. This could break Baduy Pride until all the settings get transferred over properly, but it's just as well I'm testing things out with that blog before the others. I may leave the Geeky Guide as is since that's the domain email that I ended up using the most and I feel like I'm still going to get certain emails there. But after Baduy Pride, the next one on the transfer docket is probably going to be the domain for this blog. 

Wish me luck! And see you at Baduy Pride once it gets to the other side. 


  1. Hugs hugs. We can always find a new direction for Baduy Pride in the future, love. Mwahugs. For now, do what is more peaceful for you. (Stares at Enom)


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