02AB9: The Hidden Blog Post

Sunday Omelet

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 673

I'm writing this blog while Enom, my domain service, is trying to figure out how their data center migration has resulted in their URL redirector going offline, thus traffic is temporarily unable to bet to this blog. The Blogger/Blogspot side of things is working just fine, and I'm able to compose new blog entries and "post" them to the Blogger-side entity. But with my custom domain offline, no one can read these entries. I figure I'll wait for tomorrow before determining if I need to temporarily disable the custom domain in favor of a more traditional Blogspot domain just to get my posts out there again.

Back pain is still there but has diminished to some degree. Not sure if the pain is really just passing or me switching to mefenamic acid over ibuprofen is having a significant impact on the affected muscles. I still need to be careful since bending still triggers the pain and I totally feel it when I come to the end of coverage for each pill. I won't be able to exercise or do yoga just yet, but hopefully, I'll get back to my old routine by next weekend. I'll start slow, I promise!

We had an interesting mix of tabletop games this weekend. Saturday was our Pendragon game, and we're pushing 80 sessions now for this particular campaign. We had been enjoying the relative peace of Arthur's reign thus far, but we've finally come back to a point in time where we're taking the war to someone else. And that means a very high risk of character death, so wish us luck in terms of getting through the next few sessions.

Today we had our final session for our Fairhaven campaign. This was a shorter campaign that spanned a total of 8 sessions but it still had quite an intriguing story. The ending wasn't quite something I had expected, but it still made for a very satisfying end to things. 

I'm going to hit Publish on this post now. Maybe people will see it one day.