02B37: Happy Weekend Musings

Sunday Isle of Cats

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 799

Last night was this month's FGTC game night and I'm super happy that we've resumed in-person gaming as of last month. I super love these people and gaming together in a shared space versus online is such a different experience. We were playing all the way to about 7am and it feels like we were laughing almost constantly. 

We played an interesting mix of games of all sorts, which is par for the course when it comes to this group. The group is such that you can throw just about anything at them whether it's a complex Euro game or some silly family-friendly stuff.

For the curious, here's the run-down of what we played yesterday:

It's kind of funny that none of us felt the earthquake this morning. I know the epicenter wasn't exactly within Metro Manila, but a number of friends went through the usual posting about it on social media as it happened, but we were all awake playing a card game together but none of us noticed it. I was too engrossed to even notice that Android warning message that we all get from Google when things start to shake, so I guess it just didn't reach us. 

We have a new week ahead and it already feels like we have a lot to do. There are going to be more things to address at work, as always, but that's just one part of things. There's the new blog writing challenge of sorts that I've set for myself that I don't quite know how to start but I gotta tackle head-on. And there are still the million other things that I want to do as is the nature of our lives and it all just feels a little bonkers. But hey, we roll with the punches and we do our best to get through our little checklists until we come to the end of the week once more and prepare to start things again the following week. And the one after that. And the one after that. And the one after that.

Enough of this for now. Will save the rest of my brain power for other things tomorrow.