02B35: Going (Star Trek) Online

Friday Chicken

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 797

After a lot of stress and activity throughout the week, my Friday ended somewhat anticlimactically, if that's the best way to describe it. I still had a lot to do, but a lot of the worry over this or that faded because I had managed to put a number of things to rest, as it were. And that leaves me with a lot more headspace to enjoy the weekend.

Our gaming plans for tonight got canceled, which is a bummer. So instead I'm trying to get my Star Trek Online account back up and running while Tobie is running a one-shot RPG. I'm determined to get back into the game and I'm making the most of the downtime by watching some YouTube guides on some of the later game systems that I've never truly bothered to learn more about until now. 

There has been a lot of buzz around the game, especially given how ships from the game were included in the recent season of Picard, plus how there has been a lot of great Trek recently - looking at you Star Trek Strange New Worlds. And this has also made me miss STO, but also wish that I were a more serious player.

I've largely played the game as a single-player experience, but that has led to long hiatus windows. I tend to log in during the anniversary event period in order to earn up the special ship or whatever and maybe Christmas. But there are a lot of passionate players who share their enthusiasm on Star Trek Twitter, and I kinda want to feel like more of a part of that community, even if I still play STO largely as a single-player experience. Who knows, maybe I'll finally get properly active in a fleet or something.