02B32: Tuesday Brain Slush

Tuesday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 794

Today was the first work day after a long holiday weekend. Most of my work for the day involved a lot of number-crunching, but such is the way of digital advertising. It's rather detailed work at times, but it can be rather fun at times as you continue to tinker with your campaigns and figure out how to make the most of things. There's just so much to juggle at times that the risks of a mistake are always there. And so I keep finding myself double- and triple-checking my work in order to reassure myself I didn't miss anything.

When it's not this, then I find myself needing to do a fair amount of business writing - something that has become a bigger part of my life ever since I got into the marketing field, even when I was still working at a call center. It certainly provides a fun balance of work to challenge myself with depending on the day. It may not be fun to juggle the two disciplines in an alternating fashion (as is the way of our daily work lives) but you roll with the punches as best you can.

It took me forever to figure out what to write about today and I'm still not satisfied with what I have. These days, more of my blogging time is eaten up by trying to get my brain into gear to write something. Not sure why it's so difficult to do so. Maybe I should take a step back from daily blogging or something? But that feels like crazy talk given how long I've kept this up.

Weird quas-funk maybe.