02B31: Slower Monday

Monday Sashimi Moriawase

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 793

I didn't have work today because of the (observed) Vesak Day holiday in lieu of the actual holiday on Sunday. But since Tobie still had work, I didn't necessarily have anything big planned. I didn't even stay up later than Tobie or anything like that. We still slept at the same time with the minor bonus of keeping the AC on in order to combat the humidity.

I actually woke up before Tobie did since I needed to use the bathroom. Then I made sure to wake him up for work, and then I tried to go back to sleep. I succeeded at staying in bed until 10:00am, but then I got up to figure out my workout for the morning. I was determined to pick up my weights again after a month of just cardio, resistance bands, and yoga. I survived the shorter routine, but I feel like I've lost some strength, so I'll need to work on that.

The "main event" for today was getting a foot spa and pedicure. It seemed like a good activity for the day since Tobie doesn't join me for these things, so it was a good use of my time. I managed to work through another audiobook during my walk and got even more reading done while the nice lad worked on my feet. I feel like she was tempted to bring out an electric sander to deal with the thicker calluses on my feet, but thankfully it didn't get that far.

I took a longer route home in order to get more steps in. Then I cooked lunch while Tobie go through work. Then I settled the laundry-related chores by folding yesterday's load, preparing another load in t the machine, and mapping out another one to have the machine run while we sleep. Then suddenly Tobie was done with work and it was off to SM Aura (again) for a hearty Japanese buffet dinner (yay!) and then a rushed grocery run (no broccoli, sadly).

I figured that I'd be able to get through all my videos from O Bar last Saturday, but I still have a good number of them left to process. I also have a few book reviews to catch up on along with updating my currently reading list on my Goodreads

There is never enough time for all the things that we want to do.