02B20: Friday Squeeze

Friday Things

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 776

Fridays can tend to be busier days because they're the last working day of the week and things sort of get crammed into it before the weekend. It's just the nature of things - hence Mondays and Fridays tend to be busy as they bookend the workweek.

The Friday before a long weekend becomes a lot busier as clients try to cover all their stuff before everyone takes off for the holidays. And this Friday is one that proceeds a particularly long weekend for us given we follow the Singapore work schedule. 

And a Friday that also includes a major event that has been the focus of a lot of efforts over the past few months is a very, very busy Friday indeed. And as is the nature of events, not everything went 100% perfectly, but we still go through things okay for the most part. On to the next big challenge.

On the side, I've continued to tinker with Whatagraph and I'm pretty excited about the potential of the tool. I was worried that its widget-based approach would be rather limiting when it comes to report creation, but I'm starting to get a better feel for all the bells and whistles behind the tool such that I'm seeing how I can create extract more interesting numbers. Thus far I've managed a quick dashboard for a campaign we just started, but the real challenge is trying to program our more regular reports.

I ended the day at just over 6k steps, which is half my daily step goal. So to make up for things, I opted to go walking around the area again as actually moving around tends to generate more steps (in my experience) plus I actually get my heart rate up. And given the very low-impact yoga I started my day with, I was rather eager for more active minutes in my day. I managed a good 5km and more than doubled my total steps to end the day at over 15k steps. And I got to explore the local nightlife in a roundabout way by walking almost all the way to Clarke Quay.

And when I came back...I opted to squeeze in a bit more work. Hahaha