02B1D: On Notetaking and Notebooks

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 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 773

As a kid, I got into a discussion with my Mom one time about the importance of taking notes at school. The challenge was that I wasn't very diligent about it since I felt that I could remember everything that I needed to know. This wasn't 100% accurate of course, but my relationship with notetaking has always been an odd one.

Over time, I've come to recognize that it's important. This was really codified during my BPO years when I fell into that management peer pressure of carrying around a REALLY big notebook to document all my meetings. The only challenge was that a lot of times, it was pretty hard for me to read my own handwriting after any amount of time had passed. That led me to shift to digital notebooks in order to make my notes searchable and potentially more useful. And that has generally worked out for me - for the most part.

I'm still inconsistent in how I take notes whether for work or even for our tabletop RPG sessions. I break things down into bullet points more often than not but I don't always go into as much detail as I want to (or should). But more than bullets, I do like checklists a bit more since they feel more functional than plain notes. Hence my numerous blog posts discussing how I've been overthinking task lists

But I also don't always task everything, which kind of annoys me too. This is especially true when a lot of things are going on at work and I end up trying to resolve things without taking the time to assign a task to myself. But ironically, those are probably the times when most need to stay organized and tasking can really help in that regard.

Despite all this, there's still something comforting about a physical notebook. But admittedly I use it more as a collection of scratch paper that just happens to be bound together. There are just some things that I prefer to work through with help of writing things out on paper - typically this involves numbers for reports and other things. Maybe it's the Math lover in me that still likes the feeling of working through equations and figuring out how to get to the answer I need. Google Sheets is still there for big number crunching and all that, but sometimes I still need to sketch things out first before I can implement things as a report or function. 

So that's why I still have at least one physical notebook with me in my work back - just to work through flows and structures and formulas. How do you work?