02AEE: Looking Ahead Again

Thursday Sausage Mix

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 726

My work calendar for the week has been rather crazy full this week and looking ahead to what's waiting for me tomorrow doesn't exactly excite me. But it's strangely not crazy stressful - just very, very busy. At least the work as a whole remains fulfilling and nicely challenging. There's just a lot of it that needs to get done, so we soldier on.

But the weekend promises to be a nice counter to all that, as is often the case. We have some games lined up and an O Bar night that will also be stressful but still fun. Sunday is still mostly free, but that may change. 

I was able to pick up my new glasses after work today, and so far everything seems well. They certainly look okay but more importantly, they fit right and I do feel like I can see better than before. I had not realized that my older pair of glasses date back to 2018. They go pretty far back and I only had the lenses changed once during that period. So that just reinforces that a new pair is more than in order, and not just because my grade had changed again.

Enough of this. Have a few more chores that I need to finish before bed.

But also, this week's Star Trek: Discovery was AMAZING.