02AEA: Renewed Activity

O Bar Friends

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 722

As much as we've embraced being able to go back to O Bar, I was a little worried about how things would change with the shift to Alert Level 1. Establishments are allowed to re-open up to 100% for vaccinated individuals and that potentially meant back to pre-pandemic levels of O Bar patrons.

We stuck to organizing a table of 6 without inviting extra friends even though the bar now allows walk-ins again, provided they also meet a minimum consumable on top of the door fee. We had a tight group for the night but we were also blessed with other friends also being present at the same time so there were more familiar faces at the bar. And that just adds to the delight of the night. 

We made it through okay, although I'm sure exposure risk was higher than previous nights. I remind myself that it's ultimately great for the bar, so of course, we'll continue to support everyone. But I think we may try to shift to Friday nights instead of Saturdays like what we used to do. We won't be able to avoid the big events nights that typically fall on Saturdays, but outside of that, we'll see how it goes. It's still not as stressful it used to be, but I also suspect we're well on our way back to that level of activity.

I suppose this all just stresses that things are a lot closer to their pre-pandemic normal now. Things are re-opening, international travel is picking up again, and all that fun stuff.

Today became a serious rest and recovery day after the craziness of last night. We got up well past lunch and then made our way to SM Aura to get errands done. Normally Tobie goes to the grocery on his own while I work out or get other things done at home. But I wanted to go out this time around so that I could get some items checked off my list. 

The big-ticket item was getting my eyes checked out. I've been using the same pair of glasses since before the pandemic and even then they were due for a checkup. I didn't necessarily think that my grade had changed, but given a LOT of time in front of my computer, it felt inevitable. And true enough, my nearsightedness had increased for both eyes and a new pair of glasses was in order. Unfortunately, the width of my head always makes it hard to figure out what frames to select and I ended up with a pricier pair since the store didn't have many in my size. But given my last pair lasted over there years, I suppose we can argue that the cost will be divided across a longer period.

Then we had a hearty sit-down buffet lunch at Ogetsu Hime. We figured that we were only going to have one meal for the day thus we made it a big one. Beyond that, we picked up new pairs of underwear (and yes I'm totally blogging this) and we had a pretty successful grocery run, relatively speaking. The only main hitch beyond out-of-stock items was how we had forgotten to bring our reusable shopping bags, but that was okay.