02AE1: End Of Week Progress

Friday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 713

Today was the last day of one of our most tenured employees. Such moments are always bittersweet since it's exciting to see them venturing out to try other things in different fields, but of course, it's sad when longer-term employees leave. But we've been running this company long enough for this to have happened quite a number of times already and I think we're a little better at coping with it. It's always going to be sad, but we still have a whole lot of other employees that we need to continue to watch over and care for. 

I always mention that work is very busy, but the nature of what has been keeping me busy has been shifting over time. And my effort to make better use of my Google Tasks attached to my work email has gone a long way towards helping me keep on top of things. The only caveat is that my calendar now looks kinda crazy with all the tasks attached to it, but those are the kicks.

I think I've figured out a good rhythmn for balancing Google Tasks versus Google Reminders. The general shape of things that for now I'm using Tasks for work and Reminders for personal things. We'll see how long this will last as I'm starting to really like Tasks over Reminders because they're more persistent - if you set a Reminder with a time attached to it, it will disappear if you view your calendar at the time of the reminder without clicking it as Done. Weird.

It's the weekend and we have a game tomorrow. We're also going to O Bar after the game. And then we're probably going to spend most of Sunday recovering from all that merriment.