02AD8: Preoccupations

Wednesday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 704

This was a rare day that I found myself needing to park some work to finish after dinner. It may not actually get brought up in tomorrow morning's meeting, but I still wanted to get things done. It was a good day on that front - I cleared a good number of items from my Google Tasks list, and that always feels good. 

It's a good shift in my workflow, admittedly. Although I do end up needing to duplicate some of these tasks on our company project management tool - those are the kicks. I haven't bothered with the dedicated Google Tasks app at this point given the function has already been integrated into the Google Calendar app. 

What's next? Shifting from OneNote to Google Keep or something? 

In other news, my comiXology app has updated to the new interface announced as part of the full integration of comiXology into the Amazon ecosystem. I haven't been looking forward to this transition as the FAQs had clearly indicated how this shift won't be friendly to non-US customers like myself. The app is closer in behavior to the Kindle app, which I also don't use a lot in favor of my actual Kindle. 

Reading comics with the new app seems largely the same - the panel-by-panel experience still seems to follow GuidedView, so that helps. What's annoying is that it seems the system has not fully synced whether or not I've read particular titles. What's terrible is that sales functions have been completely removed from the app, so I can only purchase new comics via the Amazon website viewed from a desktop computer. And the list of challenges promises to go on and on and on.

I want to play a little Star Trek Online now and hopefully, get a few more of my O Bar videos processes for social sharing before bed.