02ACF: Quicker Month

Monday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 695

After that whirlwind weekend of sorts, the return to the work return was a little jarring to some degree. But of course, there's nothing quite like work to distract you from thinking about work. And we had a lot of things that needed to get done today, so I was glad to dive into things.

Februaries tend to be tricky since they really blitz by quickly. Sure, it's the month that's shorter by all the other just a few days, but that seems to be a world of difference when you're tracking time that is related to project timelines and other work deadlines. Maybe the fact that this month is exactly 4 weeks long just does something to mess you up on some subconscious level or something.

And given I'm also the sort of person who uses calendars to plot and schedule our recreational activities on weekends, you really feel the crunch. There are fewer slots for weekend RPG sessions with friends and so I have to juggle the calendar around. And with O Bar open again, that adds more pressure on the overall schedule, but hey good problem to have and all that. Needing to juggle these things again just means a bit of our former normalcy has returned. 

Another week of work lies ahead. And this will all be followed by another weekend to look forward to after all this. The cycle continues. And despite the ups and downs, it's still a good life and I'm happy, albeit still fairly paranoid about the ongoing pandemic.