02ACE: O Bar Aftermath

O Bar Friday and Saturday

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 694

Well, we did it. We went to O Bar on both Friday night and Saturday. Such double O Bar nights were a rarity even during the pre-pandemic period, but it felt pretty appropriate to take the risks for this weekend. 

Of course, this physically exhausted us so we spent a better part of today being happily unproductive. Even Tobie's weekly grocery run got delayed to the afternoon because we were so tired. It was our first time to drink since New Year's Day and we're totally not getting any younger. We're not going to rush to do this again anytime soon, but it was still a fun series of nights.

Not gonna lie - still pretty terrifying. We were a lot more paranoid about our mask usage but more people were pretty chill about it while at the bar. We did our best to keep covered whenever we weren't drinking but we still relented to closer friends wanting to take proper photos. It's hard to try to hold your breath while also counting down before taking that selfie photo. 

And sure, this may all be moot since any moment that we did have our masks off regardless of the reason was already a potential infection vector. But there's the principle of thing as we still try out best to stay safe while still showing our love and support for O Bar.

But now I'm left with over 7,000 photos and videos from these two O bar nights to process. So much fun!