02AC6: Off- and On-Cycle Saturday

Saturday Sariwon

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 686

We started today slightly different from our routine in recent months. Tobie didn't have a one-shot game scheduled for today, so it made sense to move up the weekly grocery run since we had run out of key ingredients. We could have waited for tomorrow, as has become the usual schedule, but then it's weird to not have any garlic in the house given our proclivities. So Tobie made his way to the grocery while I still went through my workout efforts.

I'm still in semi-recovery mode this week so I didn't do a more strenuous weights routine. Instead, I focused on resistance band work and then tried out this foam roller stretching workout that turned out to be a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. I do feel worlds better than I did a few weeks ago, but I'm also very wary of pushing too hard too quickly and then re-triggering my injury. Slow and steady for now, but I do feel a lot stronger and more confident in my exercises than before, which is good.

Then things got back "on track" with our regular Saturday Sariwon lunch, catching up on RuPaul's Drag Race AND squeezing in another episode of Crash Landing On You, and then our scheduled Pendragon online RPG session. Good times.

Got really annoyed by social media posts of contacts not wearing masks in public spaces today. We all see posts like this every now and then on social media and it doesn't get any easier no how much longer the pandemic seems to stretch on. We all miss being able to hang out with friends and family as much as everyone else, but we also recognize the risks. It would be nice if more people kept this mindset as well so that we'd all be contributing to the greater goal of better ensuring our safety as a community. But seeing updates like that just reminds us that not everyone has the same priorities, which to some degree makes our efforts feel a bit silly if only because the carelessness of others can practically invalidate our sacrifices and wariness.

It's bad enough to still see so many people with their noses sticking out of their masks, but what more people not wearing masks at all while at different public spaces, especially indoor ones. And some of these contacts are those who have contacted COVID-19 in the past, which just stresses that vaccinations help reduce the severity but don't necessarily provide immunity. Nor will having contracted COVID-19 itself give you guaranteed immunity from the variants of the virus that continue to develop. So it still feels reckless or at the very least irresponsible for people to continue to meet up in groups and relax mask discipline in that manner.

Even when we were going to O Bar when they were allowed to operate, we were very careful about limiting how long we'd have our masks off while at the bar. And that still made us very nervous about exposure - something we'll re-evaluate once we get back to a level of quarantine where bars can operate again. This time around, I'm going to make sure I keep my mask on when friends from other tables swing by to say hello. I can at least hold my breath during isolated unmasked photos, but if anyone is going to talk to me I'm going to raise shields and take a few steps back or something.


We're all tired of quarantine and these so-called minimum health standards. But we're also not out of the woods yet and I just wish that people were taking more active steps to try to make things safer for everyone instead of thinking that they can relax their guards "just this one time" again and again and again.