02AC5: Pre-Long Weekend Updates

Friday Chicken Tinola

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 685

Regarding my domain email concern, I'm pretty much down to about 5 accounts that are still associated with one of those email addresses that I'm trying to resolve. I've messaged their respective customer service teams to ask for help and I've slowly been working through the different bureaucratic hoops needed to verify my ownership of the different email accounts and all that fun stuff. But I am quite the customer service veteran and I know I'll be able to get through things with sufficient patience and determination.

We ended the work week with a virtual celebration for a number of employees leaving the company. Over the course of the pandemic, we've experimented with different ways to conduct events online and today's venture was a shared Gather Town space so that we could have everyone in the company virtually milling around a space. It was an interesting idea that still became something that could be boiled down to being a video conference call, but the virtual avatars still helped. 

Now I have a long weekend to look forward to because of the longer Chinese New Year holiday in Singapore. Tobie has filed leave so that we get an extra day off together, which is nice, although it's not like we're going anywhere. If I were to set goals for this weekend (like what I did last week), I think my mains apart from our scheduled tabletop RPG sessions would be (1) to revive my Star Trek Online account given the ongoing anniversary event, (2) read as much as I can before the month of January draws to a close and (3) try to unbox more of my 2021 Transformers purchases as they continue to take up a lot more space in their boxes. 
It goes without saying that Tobie and I will also play board games together and maybe assemble a puzzle together. Beyond that, everything is just gravy.