02A53: Saturday Activities

Saturday Keto Filipino Cakes

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 581

Last night was rather fun. We had a pretty good Baduy Pride episode. We got to try out the Star Trek Deck Building Game that Tobie had found for me as a birthday gift and capped off the night with a fun round of New York Zoo.

Today Tobie had his weekly TAG bites game while I tried to get through my lengthier Saturday workout. For about a month now I've gone through the same 38-minute full-body dumbbell routine week after week followed by the same 35-minute restorative flow. It's a good thing I'm such a creature of habit, otherwise, I'd be terribly bored by this. For now, it's more of a challenge that I'm still fighting through because I want to be able to increase the amount of weight I'm working with in order to continue to progress. 

Lunch every Saturday is our usual order from Sariwon because we continue to support them as best we can plus we really do enjoy their food. And it's fun to watch food-related shows as we eat - our current Netflix distraction is The Way Of The Hot & Spicy, because I'm really enjoying Japanese shows for some reason. Top content includes the likes of Midnight Diner and What Did You Eat Yesterday? the last one being a nice mix of a food-related show that is also an LGBT story.

Oh, and I had ordered two Keto Filipino cakes yesterday because they had a cake sale this week. I only saved about 8%, but it's as good a reason as any to enjoy cake. Tobie and I got to enjoy a slice of the Chocolate Obsession cake each as an added treat this afternoon. 

Beyond that, today is our bi-monthly Night's Black Agents RPG session, which is always a highlight. And once we're done playing espionage agents dealing with intelligence agencies that have somehow leveraged the abilities of vampires to aid their operations. It's pretty fascinating stuff and represents an interesting intersection of our different interests.

I expect we'll make time to play some more board games before bed. It makes for nice Saturdays indoors, as far as we can take such things.