02A4E: Monday TV Rambling

Monday Pork Chops

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 576

It's kind of sad that people can write headlines like "PH logs 2-month low in COVID cases" where that 2-month low is still 8,000+ cases. Yes, it's nice that we had a new case report in the 4-digit range instead of 5-digits. But at the same time, our bar for relative success is really low right now. But it's not bad to hope for the best. If we're lucky, maybe things are truly turning around. But I won't hold my breath. 

This was a very busy Monday for both of us - the kind of busy where Tobie and I barely talked for most of the day and lunch consisted of reheated leftovers with the addition of some fresh veggies. It wasn't a terrible day - just a busy one. And it is the nature of the beast come the start of any workweek. The workload normalizes over the course of the week - just have to get past the first lift hill. 

We've dived back into watching The Magicians because I don't remember ever finishing the series. It seems we got all the way to the final season, but I don't think we got all the way to the end. And having a chance to watch it again has helped to remind me why I love this show so much and even went as far as crafting a Changeling character with Eliot as my visual peg. which says a lot. But the end is sort of inevitable at this point and it's going to come to an end. 

Recent discussions have reminded me of a number of shows we started but never got around to finishing. The shortlist includes heavy dramas like Halt and Catch Fire and Mr. Robot and very light stuff like Fresh Off the Boat. I don't understand how we never got around to finishing that sitcom - it's really funny. So many shows, so little time.

Here's to another workweek.