02A4D: Sunday Excursion

Sunday Thai Brunch

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 575

We actually ate at a restaurant today. We still didn't risk indoor dining, but we managed to find a decent option with outdoor seating. It was still rather nerve-wracking, but we had some extra time and we wanted to make today feel a little different apart from our usual grocery run. So we went up to the top floor of SM Aura where all the restaurants are and settled on Tamarind: The Taste of Thai. It was quite the pricey option but it felt like a good option since there was only one other couple there and there were menu items that were close enough to keto for me.

Not gonna lie - it was nice to do something like this again. I felt like I blitzed through the meal both because we still had grocery shopping to do and every person walking past us made me feel a little more nervous about being exposed without a mask on. Who would have thought that outdoor dining would feel like such a thrilling experience, eh? Talk about weird quarantine realities. 

I don't think we're going to make a habit of this anytime soon. And we're probably still going to be nervous about the possibility of showing symptoms within the next two weeks. But it was still a nice addition to the sameness of our quarantine life. And I super appreciate how it made for a nice afternoon. 

One other story I wanted to document from last night's game night was how we all had to sort of take a Lazada break come midnight because today is a big sale day. Part of our discussions between game turns included whether or not we had stuff in our respective online shopping carts and even occasional countdown reminders of when it was getting close to midnight.

It just goes to show how ingrained into our respective routines these monthly sale days are. There is always going to be a big online sale day even if the discounts aren't actually all that great. Sometimes you just get the equivalent of P50 off your shipping fee and that's about it, but it's still something. And with the country still being in lockdown we need to be able to get our kicks where we can. And I guess online shopping is one such case. 

And that's the weekend.