02A45: Another Saturday Indoors

Saturday Things

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - 567

First, I have cemented my decision to not go back to the gym just yet and kept up with my weekend weights training efforts. The longest routine that I can follow with our available equipment is a full-body dumbbell routine that lasts about 38 minutes. I followed that up with some yoga to help me loosen up. I'm mostly working with approximately 5kg weights for all exercises and with luck, I'll be able to increase the weights after a few more weeks (or months?) in order to continue to challenge myself.

Another vaccinated friend has gotten COVID-19, and that kind of reinforces my above decision not to risk going to the gym just yet. Even if the gyms are being limited to fully vaccinated individuals, it feels too dangerous. And should I end up with COVID-19, what'll happen to us? Tobie and I share a very limited space, so quarantining ourselves will most likely mean getting stuck in a government quarantine facility or Tobie staying with his mom if he's lucky. But that's still not a good risk to take.

I don't quite understand how people feel comfortable meeting up with groups of friends in indoor spaces. At least those going back to the gym are more likely to keep their masks on. But how are people comfortable in restaurants and high-traffic eating areas like fast-food establishments and food courts? It's all a mystery to me. I kinda get people who opt to meet in outdoor dining spaces or parks - that still feels relatively safer. 

In random happy news, I somehow won a photo contest by Keto Filipino, and in exchange, I could ask for any item in their menu apart from their family size cakes. So of course I asked for the same Carrot-Less Cake that I had for my birthday and only had to pay for the delivery from their Greenhills location. It didn't feel like a particularly great photo, but it was one that highlighted that I had received at least three different cakes from them for my birthday, so it made for a good product showcase. I'm just happy that I got an extra cake.

We don't have a game tomorrow, so we'll have a lot more free time starting tonight. We still had our Night's Black Agents game today and Tobie had a Changeling: the Lost one-shot session this morning, so at least we still had some RPG time. Tobie and I will certainly invest time in playing some board games but I also need to unbox some Transformers to help free up space taken up by the figures still in their boxes.