02A44: A Nice End to the Workweek

A Virtual Trip to Paris

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 566

Work was very productive. We had our monthly (virtual) town hall, which I typically lead. I had a number of meetings with internal teams and things are running well. I had a good client review meeting that I had been preparing for. And we had three different candidates accept their job offers this week. So yeah, a lot of good stuff.

And we ended the workday with a fun team-building activity - this being a virtual tour of Paris! Thanks to the powers of Zoom and some creative tour guides who are willing to bike around the City of Light. It was even more fun than I had anticipated as the tour guides were very engaging. As the man on the bike would rush to get to the next point of interest, the other would keep us entertained with trivia, banter, and fun polls and games. It was a heck of a lot of fun and the team seems to have enjoyed it as well.

Now I feel tempted to explore more of these virtual tours on our own. We're not going to be able to travel anytime soon, so maybe Tobie and I should indulge and go on a few "trips" of our own. We're going to focus on the ones that include an actual person walking us through the destination city versus those that just walk you through file videos and photos. It somehow makes the experience feel more "real".

In other news, I just got an email from my gym, Anytime Fitness, informing me that they're resuming operations. I expect that they won't rush to bill me this month, but it does mean billing will resume inevitably soon. I could lie and say that I haven't been vaccinated, which will mean a free account freeze. Or maybe I'll just wait the month out, which I assume won't be charged since the gyms closed mid-month because of the last ECQ cycle. And hopefully, the case numbers will be low enough in November that I won't feel as stressed about working put in an enclosed space. Even if the gym will be limited to other fully vaccinated people, it still makes me think twice.

I'll consider things carefully. I also don't want to waste money and I do miss having access to more equipment. I've been making the most of the dumbbells we have along with the resistance bands I picked up during the last Lazada sale. But new COVID-19 cases per day are still closer to 20k instead of 10k, and I think I should wait for the national numbers to go back to 4 digits because 5 digit counts are still rather crazy. 

One thing at a time. And there are more important things in life than working out in a franchise gym.