02A40: Shaky Start

Chicken, Mushrooms and Cabbage

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 562

Last night was freaky. Right around midnight, we got pinged by Android's Earthquake Alert service of an in-progress quake. And since these things take time to travel, the alert actually came a few seconds before we actually started to feel the shaking here in Taguig. It's kind of amazing how quick and accurate the service is. This could totally make a major difference for a stronger quake (knock on wood) since even a few seconds are crucial to finding safety.

But this is the second such earthquake we've experienced late at night, and it had a similar epicenter around Mindoro. These aren't super strong quakes (at least by the time we feel them in Metro Manila). But they tend to last rather long - long enough to get us worried about things falling off our shelves and enough to get us a little dizzy from the experience. I hope it's not building up to something...else

Still feeling some back pain today, but definitely a lot less than yesterday. I focused on doing yoga today instead of anything too strenuous but I think I should be better by tomorrow. I'll still be careful of course - we'll see how that goes. A day without a workout feels really weird by now.

I read the first three volumes of The Terrifics. I got excited because of the involvement of Tom Strong, but it turned out he was just a limited story arc and not a regular member of the team or anything. 

We watched Old. It was...very disappointing. Like OMG, why are people just reading dialog and not sound like actual people? And what is with this repeated camera back and forth motion all throughout the movie?

We also watched Free Guy. It was rather entertaining and the kind of light fare that works well for our continued life in quarantine. Totally recommended.