029A5: Back Pain Without Relief

Massage Beds

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 409

I woke up to an awkward soreness in what felt like my lower back area. It was enough to make me wary to dive into a more strenuous workout for the morning, so I contented myself with some yoga that I hoped would help stretch out whatever was out of place. I'm not sure if it's because I pulled something or I just slept wrong. Anyway, yoga was more difficult than normal, but the pain subsided somewhat after, so I figured that it wasn't anything too serious.

As the day progressed, things initially seemed okay. However, things got worse, and come evening the pain had become a lot more significant and any twisting motions would cause very strong waves of pain. I asked Tobie to see if he could find a knot or something, and more of the awkward muscles were in the upper back area and not the lower back area, where I thought the pain was radiating from. Both shoulder blade areas were rather tight and "crunchy" if you get what I mean. There were also painful lines extending to my side, but it got a bit better after Tobie tried massaging it for a bit. 

In the pre-pandemic period, we'd probably arrange for a massage to address something like this and one of our regular therapists would beat me up but the pain would subside soon after and I'd feel like a new man the next day. But of course, we can't do that given the quarantine measures in place and a lot of our regular therapists have actually left Metro Manila entirely and are trying to make due in their home provinces. 

In the meantime, I'm stuck coping with this pain as best as I can. Tobie is definitely going to do what he can to help (he massages quite well actually) but I know I'll stubbornly still want to do some sort of a workout in the morning. I may have to limit myself to restorative yoga flows or something to avoid aggravating things further. I could just rest, but that feels so unhelpful, especially since I've been feeling rather heavy since we enjoyed that Mango Bravo for Tobie's birthday last Sunday. 

I suppose it'll depend on how I feel in the morning.