029DA: Keto Constraint Awareness

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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 461

There's a lot of social media buzz today about the limited-time BTS Meal at McDonald's. I couldn't care less for it given (1) I no longer eat most fast food and (2) I'm not the biggest BTS fan, the hubbub did end up reminding me of the joy of fast food and the fact I can't really participate in such crazes anymore.

When I decided to get started on keto, I accepted early on that I was also giving up most fast food or dining out options. Even full-service restaurants have few options that truly qualify as being keto compliant without a significant degree of modification, substitution, or giving things I can't eat to Tobie since he's not on keto. It means that we tend to order from the same pool of like 4-5 restaurants on foodpanda since they're the ones I know I can safely eat and stay keto compliant. 

I'm also in one of my annoying weight plateaus and that always gets me questioning what the point if all my sacrifices have been. There are so many types of food that I have chosen to no longer eat ranging from most indulgent fast foods, most sugary desserts, and even sodas, juices, and smoothies. I have contented myself to eating more identifiable foods, fewer process foods, and a heck of a lot of water. 

And then I see people who appear to be more physically fit than me (or at least lighter than me) who continue to eat a lot of the things that I no longer eat and that can feel a little unfair. Sure, we all have different metabolisms and others do more intense workouts than I do (or at least more weight training) and thus we get different results. But ultimately, it can feel frustrating that they get to enjoy fun things like chicken numbers with silly limited-time sauces while I content myself with mustard, which is still good but not necessarily universally useful. Man, if mustard went well with everything combined with its low carb status, it would be too powerful as a condiment.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not necessarily giving up on keto. It's easier to continue to follow this diet versus taking a break and restarting things in earnest. I don't super look for fast food anymore but I remain very aware of the many, many kinds of food that I have given up. What a life.

But I also can't question the results. Keto is one of the diets I've stuck with the longest and it has contributed to significant weight loss and addressing things like my diabetic scare right before I started this whole fitness effort.

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