029CC: Friday Night Rambling In

Two Bowls of Kimchi Soup

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 447

So there are a bunch of mid-season sales on Sunday because we like recurring digits in dates. I don't have any actual plans to buy anything - not unless the coffee maker goes on some crazy sale. At most I expect to buy more keto supplies since I'm running low on keto peanut butter. We'll see what Sunday brings. 

We've been watching Friends this week since we caught the Reunion special the other say and Tobie mentioned that he hadn't really watched the shop before. And while not every episode hasn't aged perfectly well, but it's still super funny and it makes for the pleasant distraction from all the work stuff that Tobie and I have been juggling this week. 

The next show I seriously want to queue is maybe Schitt's Creek if we can secure copies. We should probably get caught up with the third season of Killing Eve first though. And then there are shows we've started but haven't resumed like Debris (which got canceled) and even Superman & Lois (which is still alive).

No time (or motivation) yet to unbox Unicron, but we'll see what the weekend brings. I have a lot of things that I need to do in the morning and then we'll have our Pendragon game in the afternoon until the evening. Sunday we have a one-shot RPG slotted. And then the weekend will rush to an end. 

There's just never enough time. And my brain feels foggy tonight.