029A0: Cloudy Quarantine Brain

Two Bowls of Pork Sinigang

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 404

In website speak, Error 404 means that the site cannot be found. It's fitting enough that today's community quarantine count just happens to match up with this number.

It's Tobie's birthday on Sunday, which is his second under quarantine. And I'm putting it out there - I haven't figured out anything special for the day itself. It has been nice to dedicate all episodes of Baduy Pride to things he loves but that doesn't quite count as a gift, really. And I'm rather frustrated that nothing has come to mind.

It hasn't helped that my mood has been a little all other the place this week. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I'm certainly feeling like the walls are closing in a bit or something. I guess the news hasn't been all that encouraging and that just adds to all of our frustrations while under quarantine. This is all certainly not the most conducive environment for thinking creatively. That and the fact that I rarely leave the Sietch these days, at least since the surge in cases and the return to M/ECQ.

I kind of wish that this was the year I had thought of sighing up for Masterclass, which is what I did two years ago. Now there's a gift that I could have secured from the comfort of home quarantine. Alas, alas indeed.

I guess I can think of food for Sunday, but I also know his mom is going to send stuff over since we can't all celebrate together. And knowing her definition of how much food is enough, I expect we'll have more than enough to eat the whole day.

In the meantime, I still have dishes to wash, some apple cider mixture to consume before bed, and as many episodes of Them that we can watch before my Prime Video subscription ends since there's really not enough content to watch this platform without new episodes of The Expanse or stuff like The Pack on-hand.