0299E: Mostly Indoors

Steak & Eggs Lunch

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 402

The last time I left the Sietch was on the 10th because I had to run some errands for my parents. Before that, I hadn't left the Sietch since the 26th of March. The last time we were under M/ECQ, I'd also step out for keto supplies like my pandesal baking ingredients or some keto-friendly desserts, but these days I order them directly from the retailer or through Lazada. It's definitely the safer thing to do, but it also means a LOT of time indoors. 

Ever since the shift back to ECQ, I've stopped joining Tobie for grocery runs, so he has to manage things on his own. And that's one less reason to go out. So most days, the farthest I travel outside our unit is to the delivery tent that the condo had set up to keep all the couriers and fast food people away from our lobby area. I think my trips down to the basement to throw the trash and check the mailbox are just a wee bit longer than the tent or something - but that's not saying much. 

I'm not quite going crazy yet, but it does feel a little weird at times. Were it not for work and how driven I am by a sense of "mechanical time", I'm pretty sure that I'd start to feel like the days are just blurring between one another. Add on what a creature of habit that I can be and really, one day can feel very much like the other.

I wake up. I work out. I brew coffee. I get on the computer. Tobie preps lunch most days. After lunch, I have a keto cupcake and maybe a keto cookie. Around 05:00pm I heat up a keto pandesal and I eat it with some butter. Most nights I need to figure out dinner. I need to get through my dailies of Elevate and Duolingo. I also need to write my daily blog post for this blog and a lot of nights we have a Baduy Pride episode. 

Rinse. Cycle. Repeat. 

Over and over again.

We're going to remain under MECQ until the end of the month, so I think my life will largely be limited to the walls of the Sietch for the immediate future. Maybe I'll think of an errand to run here or there and that might break my routine and get out of the house for a bit, but of course, I won't make such a decision lightly. There's still a global pandemic going on and the Philippines has become quite the hotbed for all the different COVID-19 variants from around the world. It's a dangerous place out there.

But at the same time, I also don't want to become like a total shut-in just yet. I'm an introvert and all, but I don't want to stay indoors for the bulk of 2021 or anything like that. 

Man, this is such a sucky year.