0297C: Another Lizard Roommate

Another Lizard

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - 368

The other morning, Tobie shouted excitedly upon seeing a lizard in the kitchen sink. It was different from the lizard he had rescued from a sheet of flypaper, given it was clearly younger. At first, we thought he was just chilling there, but then Tobie figured that he was probably stuck in the sink given its slippery surface. 

Naturally, Tobie had to rescue it.

Throughout the day, Tobie draped a reusable shopping back over the edge of the sink to create a sort of bridge for the lizard to use. Directly placing the bag too near him would scare him to another corner of the sink. So Tobie kept laying it out and then stepping away, hoping the lizard would eventually climb out. Needless to say, it eventually got out.

The past few mornings I've had random encounters with the lizard. He seems to have taken up permanent residence under the fridge (just like the last one!) but we've yet to have meaningful interaction with him. We just catch him at random and he immediately runs back inside at the first sign of movement.

At least he's still alive. That's a good thing right?

Man, over a year in quarantine, and it's these lizard encounters that end up being some of the most interesting things to happen to us.