02945: Work Rush

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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 313

Busy, busy, busy day. But again, another good kind of busy that leaves you feeling the nice kind of tired that is still quite fulfilled. As mentioned yesterday, I had to conduct training today and that took up a lot of time. But it's not like that's all that I managed to get accomplished today. I still made progress with other initiatives and on the whole, I still feel good about how the day panned out.

Then Tobie and I squeezed in time for a grocery run right after work. For most of the quarantine, Tobie has been able to schedule grocery runs during his lunch break on either Thursday or Friday, but the schedule has been rather off since the start of 2021. This marks the first time we've gotten things a bit more aligned, albeit it being an after-shift run instead of mid-day. It's not as ideal since the supermarket tends to be less well-stocked come evening, but it's better than nothing. And a properly stocked larder means less ordering out, which is always a good thing.

One more working day to deal with this week. But at least we should be over the hump of the worst of things. Still a lot of things to catch up on given everyone involved in the training were somewhat out of typical work circulation, and you know how tasks can pile-up under such circumstances. But we do our best to keep things moving so that deadlines are met and things happen as they are meant to happen.