02944: Digital Drain

Roasted Pork Chops

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 312

Today was pretty tiring but like the good kind of tiring. At work, we conducted the first of two half-day training sessions for a client and things went pretty well. I was more tech support today as it was an online training and had all the fun moments like people not being able to message anyone other than the host or navigating the quirks of dividing the group into breakout sessions. I'll be the lead facilitator tomorrow and I'm not excited and nervous, as always. But I think it should ultimately be a good day based on how this first session went. It's a good group with a genuine desire to learn and I think we bring a lot of value to the table, especially given the subject of the workshop.

But the timing of the training doesn't exactly play well with our eating schedule. Given our IF, our eating window is typically between 2pm and 10pm, but realistically I aim to stop eating by 8:00pm or so. Given the training, my best option for eating was a 10-minute break at around 03:00pm and then some hurried chewing with my camera off. It wasn't actually too bad - coffee helps me get through the last few hours of my fasting window and this is despite having worked out before my work shift. Tomorrow will be trickier given I'll be the lead facilitator, so that means a lot less time on mute or with my camera off. Fun times indeed.

No time for LEGO today, but at least we have our almost-weekly Vampire game. Things are going down tonight and my character is somewhat on the periphery of events but I suspect I will get dragged into things. I am Sheriff after all, and when things get messy, I need to make sure the Masquerade is maintained one way or another. 

But I also want to read some comics before bed. Maybe it's time to finally tackle more Avengers stuff in order to better immerse myself in WandaVision. I picked up a few more titles lately because of related sales, but then I'm also in the mood to read more Kang stories because of the LEGO Marvel Heroes 2 game. Choices, choices.