02932: Infinite Disco Saturday

Kylie Minogue - Infinite Disco

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 294

Today we tried to share our Infinite Disco love with friends by hosting a streaming party for the special concert event by hosting a Google Meet call to share the stream. You see, there were issues with the stream on New Year's Eve, so Dice.fm (the show promoter) opted to make the video available to everyone affected for a full 48 hours. And as the time drew to a close, it felt like we might as well share the love more directly while we still had the chance. Not many folks were able to show up for the impromptu streaming party, but we did get a few folks on board, and that was still a lot of fun.

And we may have managed to save a decent copy of the show for future private viewing, hehe.

I'm no longer feeling the holiday mood at this point since my mind is already thinking ahead to work on Monday. I know the weekend is going to blitz by pretty quickly and we're trying to take things easy. We don't even have a bit online game night scheduled for today, although I was half-tempted to try something earlier. But given the limited number of people who were able to join tonight's Baduy Pride live stream, it felt like people had other plans or something. 

So a quiet night it is.

It was nice to go to the grocery with Tobie today. We really don't get to shop together as much as a general health precaution but today we felt it was worth stepping out a bit. It was still pretty stressful to do so given the way people go around the mall these days feels very cavalier to the point of making it hard to believe we're still in the middle of a global pandemic, but what can we do? And so our trip to Aura still felt very functional such that we tried to be quick-in, quick-out.

Tomorrow we have our first online RPG session for the year and I hope everyone is available to game. It'll set the tone for the rest of the year, to some degree, and I am hoping that this will be a geekier year than how 2020 ended up being given the various quarantines we've been subject to.