028FB: Pre-Workweek Dike Preparation

Lowlands: The Dike

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 239

Another weekend is coming to a close and Monday looms on the horizon. I don't exactly dread the start of a new work week, but naturally, I do find myself somewhat steeling myself for it. Work is work after all. And each new work week brings with it new challenges, new problems and all that jazz.

This weekend was pretty good. Between the Infinite Disco, a Ryuutama RPG session, and a good number of board games, it was a delightful rest indeed. And the coming weekend should be good, too, since we're gearing up to celebrate our anniversary a little early - or maybe it means we'll spend the whole week celebrating it. 

Even if we weren't in quarantine, it's not like we'd have planned to go anywhere. We're really not that sort of a couple. The quarantine has just made it easier to not feel pressured to go out for whatever. I mean dinner and a movie would be nice, of course. Beyond that, I'm really just not that creative. Or going too far feels like too much of an effort since we'd totally be happy staying within BGC - or even just in the Sietch.

But anniversaries are more fun celebrated with friends. And since we won't have O Bar as a possible place to go, then we'll just make the most of our online options with the likes of Baduy Pride or whatever video conferences we manage to put together. 

But tomorrow is Monday. We have to get through the workweek first before we can think about the coming weekend in earnest.