024D1: Another Week in Quarantine Begins

Racks Pork Ribs

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 197

Last night we finally resumed our original Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective campaign after not playing the game for the year, oddly enough. Not quite sure why we fell off that wagon, but it was nice to get back into the groove of things. We actually answered all the core questions correctly but just took way too long to do so versus Sherlock Holmes. But it did make for a nice way to spend Saturday night after our Pendragon RPG session.

Today we had the first official session of our new Ryuutama RPG campaign and it was delightful. I'm still playing my character as more of a stereotype, admittedly, but I know I'll be able to flesh things out as we rack up more sessions. But I'm pretty sure we all had a lot of fun with it as this game is meant to be lighter fare versus our typical Wraith the Oblivion game sessions with this particular gaming group.

October is right around the corner and it's sort of stressing me out that the last quarter of the year is about to begin and we're still in lockdown. Meanwhile, places like Singapore are allowing more of the country to re-open because of the minimal infection rates and Thailand has pretty much eradicated the disease for now even without waiting for a vaccine, which is our government's "strategy" for coping with the virus. 


So that's my Sunday. How was your weekend? Welcome to the start of our 29th week in quarantine. I guess Duterte is going to come up with some half-assed decision on what's going to happen starting 1 October in terms of quarantine measures. I do want places like O Bar to be able to re-open soon, but I'd also prefer that administration direction would somehow be based on medical science.