024D0: Digital Socializing Alternative Measures


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 196

So as expected, last night's Baduy Pride vlog episode ran rather long. In fact, it went over 3 hours despite it consisting mostly of us watching videos without audio to avoid copyright hits. But it did make for a very fun Friday night, probably more fun than most we've experienced during this arduous lockdown period. 

At its core, it was just me and Tobie watching old videos while drinking vodka with people coincidentally watching us online. But beyond that, it kinda sorta felt like we were actually "hanging out" without too much obligation. I know not everyone is comfortable with getting on video and others aren't even sure about whether their internet bandwidth is sufficient to maintain a stready video stream. So we make the most of what we can get and enjoy things beyond that.

We have been leaning heavily on live streams as an odd form of socialization during weekend nights like this. Whether it means we turn on Facebook Live video while we play board games or just try to engage folks with our Baduy Pride shows, they're all efforts to creatively use technology to bridge the social gap we're experiencing while practicing social distancing.

I've already talked about how we don't do enough direct video calls for one reason or another, but last night we actually ended up calling a friend after our epic Baduy Pride stream and kept talking for another 4-ish hours because...I guess we really needed to. It was really nice and was yet another happy reminder of how we used to be able to hang out at O Bar or wherever. 

We can theoretically have guests over, but our old argument about accepting the burden of us potentially infecting one another with COVID-19 remains. Thus the irony is greater that we are probably more likely to be open to inviting only our closest friends over on a one-by-one basis since we are more okay to deal with the responsibility of potentially infecting one another versus friends who don't have that same degree of closeness? Does that even make sense?

I just miss our friends. I miss hanging out. I miss normal life. 

2020 really sucks guys. And while the year is almost over, this pandemic clearly isn't.