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BattleTech Army

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 133

The other week I wrote about my eagerness to run a BattleTech RPG of some sort. And that drive to do so remains, especially as I continue to work through reading the different novels of what became to be known as the "Classic" era of the BattleTech universe. And my primary companion as I go through these books is Sarna.net, the long-running BattleTech wiki that does a great job in helping me appreciate what the different mechs look like and what their offensive capabilities are.

Somewhere along the way I stopped being just a Sarna.net user and have progressed to becoming a contributor to the wiki as well. My main focus is fleshing out the lists of BattleMechs, vehicles, and starships mentioned in each of the novels that I read to provide a better reference for other readers in the future. It has been oddly fulfilling to do so, although I can't quite explain why. And this is still bare minimum wiki activity since I'm just creating more hyperlinks to other articles and not necessarily fleshing out the pages more through writing lengthier content like providing actual summaries for the different books. I'm not quite confident about that aspect of things, but maybe I'll get around to it in time.

What was most surprising for me this week was one of the admins reaching out to note my efforts and ask their own questions about future updates to articles when it comes to technology. I was surprised that my contributions had been noticed so quickly, but that may speak to the volume of changes I have been pushing when I add a BattleMech or two every few hours. It's nice to be appreciated though, even for those limited efforts. And it does inspire me to try to help out even more, at least while I'm reading the books anyway.

Funnily enough, I'm actually on the very last novel of the Classic era already, which is sort of bittersweet. I read my first BattleTech novel sometime around the second grade and I was determined to go through all of them without actually knowing how many books were out there. Turns out there are over 60 classic novels and I don't know how many short stories in addition to that. And then there's the Dark Age stuff and the newer books that have started to come out through Catalyst Labs. So many new books to read - and so many wiki pages to help update!

The little things that provide happy distractions while we're all still in  quarantine.