02483: Reconnecting to a Power Source

BattleTech: HPG Manifold

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 119

Finally got to visit the family today. One thing led to another and I haven't been able to visit them for months, so today was quite a relief. And it's not like we haven't stayed in contact all this time because of course, we have. But not being able to physically be with those you love and value can really drag you down on some days. So today's little trip was a bit of a booster for me.

I almost got drenched in the afternoon rains. Thankfully Tobie rescued me by driving over to pick me up.

A weird part of my current BattleTech mania is me taking an active role in contributing to Sarna.net, the BattleTech wiki. I don't feel confident enough to write new pages for characters or anything like that, but I am contributing to the pages dedicated to whichever Classic BattleTech novel I'm reading in order to flesh out the list of BattleMechs and other equipment featured in the book. It's slightly tedious and very detail-oriented work, but it does leave me feeling oddly good about helping to flesh things out better for other fans of the books. My gift to the community of a niche interest haha.

And these are my Saturday ramblings for now.