0258F: Avoiding Crowds

Apart from the tight routine between work and home, I haven't really done much this trip. Cue the COVID-19 fears playing on the public and going to places with potential crowds (like clubs and drag shows) or even tourist attractions has been totally out of the question. Our limited ventures to the mall have been timed for periods with minimal people.

The only people I've met up with outside of work have ironically been friends from Manila who are in town this week coincidentally for an event we're supporting. Following their social media posts has become a sort of clip show of tourist highlights, most of which I've seen with Tobie during previous trips. But then here and there I note a few places of interest like the Disney animation exhibition that appears to be ongoing at the ArtScience Museum. Man, I wish I had the opportunity to go see it before the COVID-19 madness.

I also haven't had a chance to meet up with any of my Singapore-base friends just yet.

Long story short - I'm not sure if I'm going to risk leaving the immediate orbit of my sister's place and the office for the remainder of this trip. I don't want to seem paranoid, but it also feels prudent not to give into risky behavior either. I know I shouldn't experience complications when I get home, but who knows how things will develop over the weekend. Should things get worse and the cautious Singapore government opts to increase the alert level to red or something, I have no idea how the Philippine government will respond in turn. I still speculate that the worst-case scenario is coming home to a possible quarantine order as a precaution, but beyond that, it shouldn't be too bad I guess.